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What is a clear span structure?

A clear span structure is a tent that has no interior poles which allows for an unobstructed view throughout your entire event space. They are highly engineered and utilize tops and sides that actually slide through channels in the aluminum beams, ensuring that both the tops and walls are taught and secure.

This design provides much better resistance to leakage and adverse weather conditions. The box beam aluminum framework provides many hang points throughout the tent for lighting trusses and décor of substantial weight.

Why do you recommend clear span structures?

A clear span tent provides some distinct advantages in certain situations over traditional pole or frame style tents, such as:
– Generally, they have a much higher wind resistance
– No stake ropes around the perimeter of the tent
– No interior poles
– Substantial allowable hanging weight for rigging, lighting and decor
– Structures readily accept a variety of optional treatments that a traditional tent can’t, such as glass doors, glass walls, hard walls and system flooring.

How much space do I need?

Generally speaking, for table seating at an event, you should allow 10-12 square feet per person. For a cocktail or standing reception, 7 square feet per person is acceptable. Keep in mind that you will need to allow additional space for items such as buffets, bars, dancing and entertainment.

What is a double decker tent? Who uses it?

The double decker tent, or “Emporium,” is a two story tent complete with an upper and lower floor, and is custom built to your specification with interior or exterior staircases and/or elevators to access each level. Typically these tents are used for sporting events and corporate events, or any application where more square footage is needed in a smaller area.

Tight on space? Build up, rather than out!

Why choose a structure tent?

Consider renting a structure tent if you are currently utilizing a venue that can no longer accommodate your guest count or you are looking for a unique venue and want to create an atmosphere that can’t be duplicated.

Are your tents engineered?

Yes. All of our clear span structures are designed, engineered and manufactured to meet current IBC 2006 and ASCE 7-05 codes.

Do I need a permit?

Most jurisdictions do require permits for tents over a certain size. The requirements typically vary based on the locality.

Are your tents wind rated?

Most tent sizes are designed to withstand 90 mph wind speeds and are constructed of fire retardant materials.